Essay on Happy New Year.

My friends, do you know that everything is in India in the Hindi calendar? And according to the Hindi calendar, the new year in India never arrives on January 1st.

In some parts of India, the beginning of the new year begins with Gudi Padwa, the new year starting as soon as Holi is completed.

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Celebrate the New Year in neighboring China in February.

According to the English calendar, the Indians celebrate the New Year with humor.

Tell us why the Indians celebrate the New Year on January 1st.

History of January 1st – New Year’s Test in Hindi.
The New Year celebration on January 1 also significantly contributes to the unity of all religions, which are celebrated together


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Since the night of December 31, people have gathered in different groups and in different places. The New Year is celebrated and at noon everyone wants the New Year.


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For me, New Year means new hopes, new dreams, new goals, new ideas.

Now we know, what is the recognition of the New Year’s celebration?
It is believed that if the first day of the year is celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness, every day of the year will end with the same joy and happiness.

Now, let us know which year is celebrated with what joy.

As for the New Year celebration, different places in different parts of the world are celebrated.

In most countries, the New Year is celebrated on January 1st after December 12th.

Today, from early childhood to old age, the party is organized, paan food is organized.


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On New Year’s Eve, a party is celebrated in many places and also offers entertainment through dance songs and delicious dishes, as well as fun games.

Some people organize religious programs and remember God and begin the new year.

Many people celebrate with their families or have a picnic.

Many people also visit their friends, watch a movie, go to the club or the mall.

And some people are like me who leave the blanket all day because of the cold. : pag

Friends of today, all celebrations are celebrated by all, but this great holiday belongs to the people of the Christian faith.


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They celebrate this day and go to church as a feast, remembering their God well and sailing.

Chinese brothers story

If you recognize the difference between the Chinese and me, there are fewer differences. Some flat faces have the same shape and there is no particular difference in the formation of their nostrils, the coagulation eliminating the monotony. If you look at the liquid line of eyes with some inclined and rare brown color variants, the bad concept is that all are cut to a measure with a sharp edge. Due to the dust cover in the traces of the natural sunlight, some of the grooves assume the similarity of the dry leaves. Size, type and clothing give distant countries the role of mechanical dummies. It is often difficult to identify a round sugar different from the other.

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Today, I remember in the same form of face with amusing eyes, whose silence Bhangima means: we are not black as smoke. We also have a story. If your eyes are not illiterate in terms of the alphabet of life, you should not read and watch!

A few years ago, I entered the oven, I entered the left side of the Chinese ferry gate, I hung with the help of the left shoulder behind it and I moved the wire in the right hand. Maybe my house was made and closed. “Some lega mem saab” – misfortune hits sugar What does he know that this direction increases the highest anger in my head? I do not know how many addresses I have and I am very loved, but it is a foreign address, as if I had removed the introduction and put on the dress. Following this direction, it is difficult not to come back with my disappointment on my part, or it is not impossible if it is difficult.

I replied with disobedience: “I do not buy foreigners, strangers”. Are we strangers? We are from China, “said the man, who said in his throat that a failure to neglect had also caused a mere astonishment.This time, there was a desire to see the viewfinder properly after being White-buffed, short legs in white shirts, wearing a combination of trousers and pajamas such as pajamas and kurtas and coats, clad in sila, announce the aging of the frozen edges and cover half of the Before the hat, the statue was there without a foot The mustache was an eternal sugar The question of seeing it differently is the first time it revives his life.